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Santa Claus is Co... Jesus Already Came !!

Christmas is a time of giving. That is, giving money to buy presents. But what about time. Who do we give our time to? How about our hearts? Our Joy? Most people would rather sing "Jingle Bells" than "Silent Night". And I get it, the tunes a bit better. But The Word. The Reality. Maybe we need to re-think our "thought" spending this Christmas. To spell out Christmas as "Christ Has Risen Indeed, Shining Triumph, Mercy And Salvation" !!

What if we joyful prayed to The LORD with a greater smile than those kids writing letters to Santa & the Elves?

What if I could bask in the JOY of God's Gift >>> SALVATION >>> with a Celebration & Praise wayyyy HIGHER than the excitement I had for those presents as a kid. I would leap out of bed at 6am and watch the clock spin for 2 hours until finally we could open our stockings & tear the wrapping paper to shreds at 8am. What if I waited on The LORD with the same eagerness every morning?

Santa may carry a sack in those cartoon images, but JESUS in His Living Word & Everlasting Love carried the cross on His shoulders. Not simply to place a gift under a tree. Not simply to place a gift under a tree.

We love the myth of a fat man who fell down a chimney. What about The Way, The Truth and The Life who came and descended from Heaven's Throne as Immanuel to WIN Salvation and bring us, His enemies, Home as His children?!

Many kids worship that fluffy-hatted clown (I have nothing against the guy haha) over the Crowned King of kings who came to serve and didn't even ask for milk or cookies. His Food was Wayyyy Higher !!!

Santa's wisest words were "HO HO HO". Yet there is One from whose mouth went a "sharp two-edged sword". One who's Voice, as "the sound of many waters" speaks Life eternal.

So you can sing Jingle Bells. You can sing it "all the way". But I'm singing...

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